The following are a few Towing Safety Suggestions and Procedures that will help to ensure that your safety while in transit is at the forefront of your mind while in the car or truck. Towing safety is paramount in the transportation of all types of goods, whether for business or personal use.

DO NOT overload the vehicle because it can be extremely dangerous. You must have considerable knowledge and substantial towing experience. The weight of the lifting tower and the cargo must be convenient as well. Don’t be surprised to find that when a customer service representative tries to load your vehicle with too much stuff, your vehicle will actually exceed its capacity and you will suffer the consequences of a heavy load.

DO keep your eyes and hands out of any dangerous situations. As a consumer, you are the safest person on the road. While in your car make sure that your hand and foot are safely in place and you do not pull your hand out of your pocket. It may seem very obvious to you, but having your hand out in front of you can potentially cause an accident. Do not make unnecessary gestures either, such as holding your fingers over your eyes while you drive.

EMERGENCY STOP! If you ever feel like you are about to lose control of your vehicle, quickly put it in the park, pull off the highway, and pull over somewhere safe. Once the vehicle is stopped, lock your doors and get the airbags to full deployment.

HANDGUN! Never take a gun, bat, or pepper spray out on the open highway or in an open parking lot. If you are in a dangerous situation, you are more likely to be hurt by one of these weapons than by a passing car.

Seat Belt Fasten! Be sure to buckle up your child in his or her booster seat so that he or she does not become exposed to the elements while riding in your car.

DO wear your safety equipment on your left side of the driver’s hand. This will prevent you from losing balance while driving and falling forward while attempting to hold the steering wheel. It is also easier for you to stop or avoid accidents if you are wearing your safety belt on your right side. Make sure you have a safety pin or flag attached to the front of your seatbelt buckle if you are driving an old model vehicle.

DO wear your safety gear! There are many items you can wear while on the road that will provide additional protection to your head, neck, and shoulders.

Seatbelts can be purchased at any auto supply store. They should come with a warning label on them to alert drivers that they have a warning system in place for the vehicle. Seat belts should be worn properly.

Seatbelts should be worn properly! Make sure to use the correct size buckle when buckling your child into the seat.

DO wear your seatbelts properly! Properly fasten your child in the right position. A child who is seated improperly may be able to become trapped in the vehicle during a tow. Accidents occur every day due to children being in the wrong positions at the wrong times.

Seatbelts should always be buckled! Properly fasten your child in the right position. A child who is seated improperly may be able to become trapped in the vehicle during a tow.

DO put the child’s safety first! Children should never ride in the front seat of a car while the parents are at work.

Do use car seats! Car seats come in all sizes to accommodate your child.

Do use a safety belt! Use seatbelts while towing your car.